o what a tangled web we weave

when we first practice to deceive

La Resistenza
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NOTE: We are currently not accepting members or watchers. You won't see anything anyway. Let us get stuff in order first, ok? You don't want to see the general mess we've somehow managed to create inside. :P

About laresistenza
That's us. The community where 3 utterly bored and oh-so-ingenius Singaporean girls unleash their creative energy upon the unsuspecting victims of the human race by means of a very lethal weapon: ROLEPLAY. Nothing personal, of course. Also a FICJOURNAL because all the cool internet kids have it. ;D

What's in a Name?
La Resistenza is italian for The Resistance. We like to think. We do FANFICTION, ROLEPLAY & ORIGINAL FICTION. Possibly some icons and layouts if we feel like it. We are temperamental, we are.

Layout credit US. No stealing. SRSLY. OR WE SET OUR ENGLISH TEACHER ON YOU. kthxbyeilu<3.

Quite possibly you might want to know who does what, and what ongoing projects we have. It's all here! Just so you know, we currently have 3 RPs ongoing [wow!] ; 9 original fics ; 0 fanfics. Check our TAGS for more info.

The Geniuses Behind the Comm
Fang // blessthedead -
THE Fangifus Toothalicious is also better known by her common name, Bai Hui. As well as a whole host of other nicknames, like the very much detested Bai Hwee. Twitch. A paranoid, clumsy 15-year-old, she prefers to lurk, waiting to pounce on unsuspectin-- ahem. She can also be quite mean and anti-social. Hmm.

SHE made all the pretty images that you see on this account, except for the headers on this user info. Yes, those pictures of trees are also taken by her. Isn't she so talented? ;D Also obsessed with Bleach, Death Note, Prince of Tennis and Fullmetal Alchemist. Draws all too frequently, even in class. Gasp. Shock. Susceptible to bursting out randomly in funny little tunes that she made up on the spot, squeeing, zooming in on the nearest food source if she catches even a whiff of it, liable to sugar highs. In short, approach with caution. Please. Horribly biased towards Yamapi, she is. ;P

honorius // penalservitude or morphiria -
ALSO known as Rachel, or Ra, or YUN. She loves JE, anime, manga and kpop immensely. In that order.

HER areas of excellence include slacking off, writing horrible nonsensical fics, staring at people, failing, fangirling (JE owns her soul), making no sense, watching anime and roleplaying(sortof). She found and tweaked the code for the layout & userinfo. Cyberpunk is yay. Quiet, and rather creepy at times(no whut >D). Excellent stalker/private investigator/spy. She hates repeating herself thrice, so she usually goes 'nothing' if you go 'huh?' too many times. She generally isn't too good with people, and prefers solitude to long awkward silences. She'll listen if you talk to her though. People who talk alot rule cause then she doesn't have to. :P Due to her (probable) schizophrenia, she is also scarily hyper online and on eljay. She wants more JE people to be her friends. If you ♥ her, then she probably ♥ you too, yeah, maybe, idk? KK. :D

hecatedarkmagic - Also called Rachel! TWINS PWN YO. ♥
MOI, hmm... i don't really know what to say though.

SHE... loves JE, thanks to the two people above who influenced her greatly. kame and yamapi forever! is a solitary figure most of the time, unless she's in a crazy mood, which is half the time. a great fan of procrastinating, please scream at her if she fails to update. likes daydreaming sometimes, about stuff like what will happen to her characters, or how to meet kame and yamapi.. oops. passionate about history, especially ancient history. loves roleplaying as well and writing. can be VERY sarcastic at times, so beware. kinda blur in the morning as well, so be prepared to repeat yourself a few more times. one last thing, don't piss her off, 'cos it'll be the last thing you'll ever do. MUAHAHAHAHAHA! (just kidding =P)

Subeta: Our Source of Inspiration
Subeta.Org is the l337est petsite around. Everything about it is 1337. It's where our roleplay originated, and where our pets were born. Face it, SUBETA PWNZ and you should join it too. No buts. <3

Also, is JE! Johnny's Entertainment and all its uber glory! IF YOU AREN'T ALREADY ADDICTED, GO. LIKE NOW. IT IS OUR ANTIDRUG YO. ♥

Meet the Cast

Under blessthedead

Under hecatedarkmagic
Trenton Quixote
Ashlene Lemdor
Tristan Correz
Chase Harding
Yvette Harding
Ryan Lyncroft
Kristy Summers

Under penalservitude // morphiria
Aidene Shaw

*Prease to note, this is only the official list. We have many, many side characters. KTHX. ♥